Borrowing from the Library


i. Books can be borrowed against library membership card issued by library to the borrowers.

ii. Borrowing facilities are given only to the members of the library.

iii. Books or other documents may be borrowed only against the library membership card.

iv. The library membership card is non-transferable and their loss should be immediately reported to the library.

v. The borrower is responsible for any book issued against the library membership card, as per the library records.

vi. At the time of deposition of overdue fine for documents, member must collect receipt for the payment from the Circulation Desk.

vii. At the time of deposition of document, members must collect receipt of deposition of documents.

viii. For Renewing, it is necessary that the book has to be presented at the counter.

ix. A borrower going on leave deputation, study leave, or extra-ordinary leave will have to return all borrowed material before leaving.


i. Books shall be re-issued to the same borrower at once only. But, if there is a demand for the book, the request for renewal may be turned down by the library.

ii. During the examinations, books and publications issued for due period will not be renewed even if there is no demand for the said books. iii. The librarian can recall books and publications at any time, if need arises.