Lecture Six GST 122

Lecture Six GST 122
Evaluating Information Resources
Technology age
With the advent of the internet there has been an Information explosion, both in print and non-print. The User has the responsibility of evaluating information resources before using them.
Evaluation is a judgement of worth, can be seen as a process of assessing a system or a service.
Evaluation of print resources

When evaluating print resources you look out for the following
Authority : You may wish to consider the authors educational background, experience, reputation, publications, citations,
Accuracy: material should be verifiable, presentation, formats of arrangement, grammar, spelling, repetition, appearance, language i.e choice of words, doc citations
Objectivity: is his goal clearly stated, biasness, is he focus on the goal and objective of his work, detailed explanations
Currency: Look out for publication or copyright date, currency citations used in the text, especially research papers in sciences, timeliness is very important as it may affect the usefulness of the goal
Audience: is the write up focused on the intended target audience.
Relevance: Ask yourself is it relevant to my need, can it provide answers
Evaluating web/internet resources

Authority of website: identify the type of webpage, is an advertisement, professional, personal, blog, database. Ensure you check the authority of the website
Accuracy: intended purpose clearly stated, audience clearly targeted, try to compare with other websites for stamp of approval, consider the biasness of the content.
Objectivity of the website: check the entire content if it is written by same author and if it is consistent with the objective,
Currency of website: look out for the date the content was created, copyright update, what links are connected and confirm the creation dates of such links.
Coverage of the website: compare page with other related pages on net or physical content, determine if content covers the topic of discourse


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