Make Hay While the Sun Shine

Great students of this prestigious and ICT driven Institution.Shine your eyes, dot your (I)s and cross your (T)s. Be a good Ambassador of your parents, community and country home. Shun cultism; dress modestly so as to earn respect; abhore skimpy dresses, low waist, keep good friends, apply the philosophy of “Show me your friend and I will tell who are”; desist form examination malpractices so that you can defend your certificate wherever you are; Make LIBRARY your Friend and you will not regret it by the Grace of God. Reasons why Library should be your Number One Friend:
1. In library you can Learn facts and figures.
2. Library is Indispensable to you as a serious student.
3.In library any Book you see, is calling you to “come and use me”.
4. You can Read a book a day, at least.
5 The more you read materials in the library the more you Acquire more knowledge
6 Library is a Repository of all knowledge.
7. Whenever you are in need of information, Yearn for library.
Your parents are thriving hard to give you sound education , do not disappoint them, Many of your mates who wrote JAMB are not opportune to be where you are, do not make yourself a laughing stock before them. Manage your time judiciously.

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  1. Tihyaunin Dang Luka

    Very lovely write up great job Ma.


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